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Make data-driven decisions, from planting to harvesting, and optimize your field. your team. your time. your resources.


The most efficient and comprehensive tool on the market for processing drone images and machinery vectors.


An artificial intelligence tool for simulating scenarios and automatically generating line designs.


An artificial intelligence tool for detecting weeds and generating management zones for variable rate application.


An AI tool for row restoration, planting failure detection, parallelism analysis, and plant counting.
Field Processing

Process drone images and machinery vectors swiftly and scalably in the cloud.


Transform raw images into detailed high-resolution maps.

Machine GPS

Interpolate topographic surveys into digital elevation models.

Digital Elevation Model

Generate digital terrain and surface models based on data captured by drones or agricultural machine GPS.

Vegetative Indices

Obtain NDVI, GLI, and VARI vegetation indices to analyze crop variability.

Field Planning

Simulate scenarios and automatically generate line projects.

Analytical Maps

Automatically generate maps of elevation, slope, and water flow.

Terrace Lines

Simulate different allocations of contour lines according to terrain characteristics and varying rainfall volume.

Planting Lines

Simulate different planting patterns according to terrain relief and decide based on data and statistics.

Spraying Lines

Simulate different spraying patterns according to terrain relief and decide based on data and statistics.

Field Monitoring

Automate weed detection and generate variable rate application maps for optimized input application.

Weed Mapping

Quickly and accurately detect weeds to generate localized application maps.

Variable Rate Growth Regulator

Generate management zones for applying growth regulator by correlating plant height, vertical and horizontal growth rates.

Variable Rate Defoliant/Desiccant

Identify areas with variability and apply defoliant and desiccant at variable rates to optimize harvest.

Variable Rate Urea

Create management zones for applying urea at variable rates.

Field Control

Artificial intelligence tool for row restitution, planting failure detection, parallelism analysis, and plant counting.

Row Restitution

Identify and restore planted rows for mechanized harvesting.

Planting Failures

Detect and quantify planting failures.

Parallelism Report

Evaluate the quality of spacing between planted rows and quantify potential productivity losses due to compression.

Plant Counting

Map plants and replanting points and quantify the survival rate of your planting.

Export your maps

Our platform is compatible with the leading monitor brands on the market, making it easy to import them to your machine.

Maximum compatibility, minimal effort.

Integration with Connectivity Portals

Import fields and send line maps directly to monitors via connectivity portals.

Reach the next level of digital agriculture.

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